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I don't know what these are properly called but they look like cylindrical push pins you can buy at Staples only larger. They are affixed to the exterior of the soft top at the rear top bow on many brass-era and nickel cars and are the studs for the button holes on the ends of the straps which hold the rolled-up rear window on a tourer or roadster when you want the rear window to go away by rolling it up. Are these available commercially from anyone?? I can probably fabricate these myself but it's easier to buy them ready made if they are available. Any leads?


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That's surely them.

Ah, the old fall back, look at a Model T catalog.

My 1910 Hupmobile chewed up the differential gears about 10 years ago. What to do, what to do. Looked at a set of Model T gears, and sheesh they looked close. Bought a set, and with one minor adjustment, they fit right in and worked perfectly, for little money.

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