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Techys needed...installation info on 98 3.8 series 2 supercharger into 98 reatta

Guest Klemat63

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Guest Klemat63

Any info, diagrams, etc.. Greatly appreciated!!...how do I install a 1998 3.8l series 2 supercharger into a 1998 3.8l buick reatta? Anyone ever performed this swap? Any reatta fans out there know how to go about it?

Yeah I am sorry...it was a 88... I am just doing some research for a friend and from what I am getting the computers in a reg engine and a supercharger series 2 need tweaked for a swap to be possible? I am correct with this assumption?...anything else special that would need done?

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Don't know quite what you are asking.

If you are installing a supercharger onto the reatta that already has a supercharger on it: replacing the supercharger is a straightforward process. Get a factory manual and they will walk you through the process of removing the required lines and parts.

If you are installing a supercharger on a normally aspirated Buick, don't try. The heads on normal and supercharged engines are different. The block is also beefed up. I believe there are also electronic differences between the normal and the supercharged engines.

The best choice would be to replace the normal engine with a supercharged engine. All or nothing.

Hope this helps.

The factory Buick Regal shop manual (3 volumes) is well worth the $75-100 it costs on eBay.

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