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Radiator Mascot Book


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West, Thank you for replying to my posting. Is the Williams book include information and not just pictures? Again, thanks.

W.C. Williams book, Motoring Mascots of the World. He was the expert, and his book is very nice. It was reprinted and updated in 1990, I think.
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That depends on how much and what kind of information you are looking for. There is not a lot of historical information under each mascot, but this is an example of what all have:

244. Rolls-Royce, 1920-1926

Spirit of Ecstasy

Manufacturer: Gorham Co.

Marked: Rolls-Royce on top of base.

Nickel silver, polished. Used on Silver Ghost and early Phantom models, this mascot is about 5.5 inches tall.

237. Reo, 1927-28

Mercury bust

Zinc die cast, nickel-plated. Without motometer.

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West, That sounds like what I am looking. My primary interests are books of stock hood ornaments, especially prewar. I want a book with photos and some history of what make/years featured the ornaments. Thank you.

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