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while they are not yellow, i will likely be having a 1989 royal cab or black 1990 one for sale soon. planning on dismantling one this weekend. the 1990 may not work though. i seem to recall there being some small differences - in the latching mechanism, maybe...

i am not really sure about the 1990

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not quite. the 16v needs a few things, yes, but it is (i hope) far from parting out condition. while i got the brakes working just fine, i do want to replace the accumulator, which i STILL haven't figured out how to remove. i did the pumping-the-brakes 25x while engine off method, etc., etc., but i still can't seem to get any of the accumulators to turn.

i am ***thinking*** about parting out the 76k royal cab 1989 8v.

i also purchased another TC, 1990 6cyl triple black, for parts. an elderly woman in PA owned it and the car sat for years outside next to a pond and swampy area. underside is shot. engine and trany are in good shape. doors are OK. fenders might be OK. i'm using the plastic nose/airdam to replace the shattered one on my good triple black. interior is in great shape except for the mildew and a little mold.

already sold the convertible top, and SMEC. might be using the interior in either the royal cab or 16v: both have hardened, dried-out ginger leather.

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Best way to get the accumulator off is with a chain or strap wrench around the middle of the accumulator while you have a wrench on the hexagonal stalk blocked by the firewall so it can't turn. They can be really stuck on there, and you don't want to put much pressure on the stalk or you can break it off from the valve assembly ("master cylinder"). The hex piece at the top of the accumulator is really only good for snugging the new one tight.


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thanks, jim.

i have 4 of these cars of my own (currently), plus the one i sold to a friend, and the latest is a parts cars i purchased: i can't loosen any of them

wait, i'll start a new thread on this...

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