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1933 dodge brothers truck parts

Guest danostreets

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I would call the truck posted above to be in above average if never restored. Most p/ups were severely used up in the farms back in its time. They we're heavily used to its full purpose without regard to its looks. The main concern was the drivability. On rare occasions trucks were just sitting in garages looking pretty with little use.

We have been buying and selling 30s to 40s Dodge trucks for the last 20+ years. We were selling 33 to 35 suicide door trucks in bad shape for 3000 + over 20 Years ago. Unless the person selling parts from these rare, popular trucks, the offers would be a gift at those prices. Decent rear fenders have known to sell for as much as 4000 still needing work. We have sold grills with incerts needing work for 2500. We were offered 4500 for a grill and insert that was refurbished back in the 80s. It is to a 33 Dodge Dp that we sold. And forget about good front fenders, they are More difficult to find in good shape. To much money to tool up to reproduce. Splash panels is another hard part to come by. Sold a reproduction set for 3500.00 10 years ago.

Just my 2 cents worth

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