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Anyone tried making a 89-90 Frankenstein?

Guest Lee_M

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Guest Lee_M

has anyone tried retro-fitting a 1989 TC with the interior, dash, and steering column including airbag from a 1990 TC? i would liken this to a pieced-together Frankenstein project... minus the head-stitching and neck bolts.

any thoughts about how practical this might be? donor car sitting right next to potential "frankie". i expect to have to swap some electronics, but i have this nagging recollection that the airbag support was provided by the SMEC. is that true? if that is the case, i would be scrapping this so-called plan, and just living with the hardened leather.

reason for this craziness: the ginger interior of the 1989 16v in question is totally toasted, and the donor car interior is black. i tried several heavy applications of leather treatment. seems last owner (or two) were heavy smokers, and perhaps left the car in the sun.

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