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Woodgrain Question


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My friend owns a 1946 Pontiac Streamliner. All of the metal trim inside the car has woodgrain. The two moldings on the front doors (around the windows) are not woodgrain. They are painted what appears to be the base color of the woodgrain. There is no wear to the interior of this car. They do not look as if they have been repainted. The divider for the vent window is woodgrain. I doubt that Pontiac intended it to be this way. Is it possible that the front doors were accidently fitted with moldings that were intended to go in a Torpedo? Is it possible this is the way it is supposed to be? Please see the pictures. Sorry these are the best views I have of the trim. Any input is appreciated. Thanks



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Guest bofusmosby

With all the cars I have seen, the wood graining is on all these parts. I have never seen it NOT to be around the front door windows, but is everywhere else. Maybe it had been done many years ago, and this was done, because they didn't want to pay the expense of the graining. Remember this, the front door graining will get more wear that any where else.

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