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Rear Window Frame from a 4-door Convertible to identify...


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I would like to try to id this Rear Window Frame that was removed from a Convertible top.

The inner half of the trim piece has "4 Door Convt" written on it, but no indication to what make or model of 4-door convertible.

I figure it's either going to be really tricky or fairly easy to figure this one out, as there probably weren't too many makes and models of 4-door convertibles, but I may be wrong.

It does have part numbers listed on each die-cast frame.

The part numbers read; "H-31395" and "830-1" on one half and the other half is listed as "I-31396" and "830-0".

The outer frame is chrome plated while the inner frame was painted what looks like a 1930's tan color.

Any help or information would be appreciated.







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Hi Staygold,

I sent you an AACA Private e-mail regarding your window frame. I have an outside frame which looks like it may be a match to your inner frame. I woud like to send you a picture and measurements of my frame to see if it mates with your frame.



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