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Want to Buy - 1950 DeSoto parts

Guest Irv D

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Guest Irv D

I am looking for the DOOR HANDLE ESCUTCHEONS (stainlelss steel and plastic) for a 1950 Desoto Custome, 4-door sedan. I need 4 of these.

These are round, with a plastic portion that goes around the center stainless steel part. The plastic part has a "ribbed pattern" around its perimiter and is sort of a gold/translucent color. I am looking to get 4 of these, but would welcome any quantity. Must be in excellent or NOS condition. Am willing to pay a very fair price.

I have attached a picture of a WINDOW CRANK HANDLE and ESCUTCHEON from this car, which illustrates what the escutcheon looks like on the door handle. However, they are not entirely the same, as the escutcheon for the door handle has a "spring loaded" center portion (stainless steel) which can be depressed, to allow access to the pin which holds the handle to the shaft.

I am attaching the picture so that viewers may see what the escutcheon looks like. Please bear in mind - - - I am NOT looking for the window crank escutcheons. It is the door handle ones (spring loaded with plastic surround) that I am looking for.


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