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1952 Super woody 3-spd, Phillipines

Pete Phillips

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I received a call from an Australian who wants to sell his 1952 Super Estate Wagon. The car is in the Philippines (sp?), so unless you are prepared for some logistical challenges and expenses, this is probably not for most people. He says it is all original and is a 3-speed standard shift which is rare in one of these. I think he said he is in Australia now, or is having to move back there quickly. I was in my car when the call came and had nothing to write with. Seller wants around $50,000 for it, but it might be gotten for less. Looks good in the photos. I have no stake in this, and seller is not a BCA member.

blackink1950@yahoo.com.au is his email, name is Mick Quin.




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It looks like real wood, but certainly not original, and there's lots of filler in the joints. Maybe the owner got a local furniture maker to replace the wood? In any case, when the new owner starts driving it and the wood filler starts popping out, not a pretty picture.

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I would have to agree with suchan on this. The woodwork has been poorly restored on this car. All the filler indicates a lack of woodworking experience, the unavailability of the correct tools or both. It can never be improved upon short of completely replacing all wood associated with the defective joints. Inasmuch as the work was done in what is probably a local Philippine wood, it will be near impossible to match. To correct the problem one would need to replace all the wood on the car, so the bottom line is the asking price in my mind far exceeds the value of the car due to the amount of restoration work to bring it back to it's former glory.

Just my take on it.

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