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I finally got the right rocker panel to fit well almost. There is a slight angle that goes from the floor board to the door inlet on the panel. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get that angle in after the rocker has been spot welded to the floor at the top. Fitting it to the bottom of the U shaped inter panel make the angle on the bottom and the door jams on the rocker panel. I tried to get the angle in before spotting the panel to the floor (floor was marked where the original fit). This has used up about 20 hours of my work time and I still do not have the panel on right. I am open to all suggestions. I was thinking of marking the area that has to be bent down and using a large piece of flat iron to lay on it so I could beat it with a heavy sledge hammer. The bottom of the outside rocker panel has to fit on the inside piece at almost a 90 degree angle from looking at my original left side. Thanks for any assistance. I have not figured out how to post a photograph on here from my iMac but I can send via email to anyone wanting one. Harry

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