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'63 Heater Control Valve


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Does anyone have a good picture of how the heater control valve mounts? I am looking for the non-a/c version.

The rubber part on the inside of the air inlet case fell down inside the heater space. I retrieved this part but need to put it back and wasn't sure how it mounted in relationship to the control valve. I know it goes from the inside of the box under the control valve, so wondered how it looked from the outside, and how the mounting screws went.

Thanks in advance!


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Ok, so after removing everything and cleaning all parts and then refinishing, I came up with the most likely way they were originally put together. I had to refab the top metal plate because the old one was not found.

The reason this was a question in the first place, a PO took this apart and the mount fell into the air inlet. Instead of retrieving it, they popped 2 new holes in to the case and screwed the water valve directly on. I don't believe it was meant to be directly bolted on, but should fit into a pocket formed between the top plate and the rubber below. I'm still looking for better information than I have to work with, so replies are welcome.

For the Riviphiles who notice--- the water valve is not the correct one. This was a stand-in I had laying around just for the photos.

I bought it from someone claiming it was correct for Riviera for $175, but it wasn't.

If anyone is looking for a large car water valve (for Le Sabre, Electra, etc.) then this one is for sale ($45). My loss is your gain.

I managed to find a correct NORS water valve and that is the one in the car right now.




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The water valve on a '63 Riviera is mounted to the firewall. The bracket screws directly to the firewall. The TEMP cable runs to it, and a wire from the control valve to a lever on the heater control panel. I can't get pictures of mine right now, but perhaps someone else can. The '63 Riviera water valves are unobtanium unless you find a good used one. The one you have is close, but the lever is mounted at 6 o'clock instead of 12 o'clock.

See Jim Cannon's article in the Tech Tips section on the ROA's website. He's replaced the mechanical one with a vacuum one.


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This is how it looks after installation.

Ed, appreciate the info, but my post did state I had the wrong valve and that was on purpose. :D The correct one was already in the car.

Also, looking for suggestions on where that blasted ground strap hooks onto the firewall. I originally thought it went to the heater control valve, but there is no electrical connection there since there is a rubber gasket on each side of the screw and nothing contacts metal.

Thanks for looking.



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