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Brake Drum Blues


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I took my rear brake drums to the shop and they are no good, i.e. too thin to be turned anymore. Has anyone found a place to buy new ones? The only place I found was Kanter, but I'm a little leery of ordering from them. I haven't been 100% happy with price/quality purchases in the past. And I'm concerned about how the holes actually line up for mounting on the axle and bolting the wheel on. As Willie has pointed out in past posts, they don't provide pictures. Has anyone found a manufacturer?

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What is the actual measurement on the drums? Those drums can be turned (bored) up to 0.060" oversize. Some modern drums are condemned at 0.030". Even if they would end up being slightly larger, there is still more metal on those original Buick drums than the flimsy stuff supplied by Kanter and if those drums are used on the front, the hub needs to be swapped (big pain). If you don't have access to an interchange book, research brake lining sizes for Buicks of this era at rockauto.com (I see another trip to that junkyard in your future).


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