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Pontiac Bonneville 1965 convertible

Guest yustyna

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Guest yustyna

hi, guys!

i have a question about my pontiac.

I want to change my roof lifting system, but can't find anything, maybe you have some ideas?

Will be totally gratefull.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

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IF you need a new hydrualic pump, the ones available as "replacements" now will not look like the original, but they'll work in their place.

Some people have changed the hydraulic rams so that they'll use the more modern hydrualic fluid (or automatic trans fluid) rather than the earlier brake fluid.

The top mechanisms for the Pontiac big cars should be the same as for a Chevy Impala/Caprice, Olds Delta 88, and Buick LeSabre . . . the "B-chassis" cars. The larger "C-chassis" cars (Olds 98, Buick Electra, Cadillac DeVille) are different.

Is there some function of the roof mechanism you're concerned with? In general, though, the design of the roof structure on GM cars of your general era are usually better than the later "scissor" structures used in the earlier 1970s.

Please advise . . .


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