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'48 Lincoln electronic ignition


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I just helped out on a Pertronix custom job on a dual plug Stutz special. We have it working fine, but had both good and bad experience with them. Long story short, they were slow to answer technical questions. Had to get aggressive to talk to someone qualified. The first answer we received was "we don't give technical support for custom applications." After many calls we found someone who was very helpful and we got all the issues resolved. We made our own fixed and adjustable plates to hold the pick ups (Two plugs per cylinder means two pick ups.), and you also have to allow for air gap. Be sure to keep the magnets all in the same correct polar direction, and have the north end face up. We had them up sides down the first time and it would not trigger the coil. It works fine on the Sun distributor machine, and was throwing such a hot spark, the insulation on the old tester FAILED! Had to repair the machine before we finished. I'll post some photos of it over the weekend. Most complicated part was making an accurate reluctor to hold the magnets. We were able to synchronize the plugs to fire at the same time without any problems. Also, we changed out the advance to put more timing in it, much faster than stock. Ed

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