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Part needed for 1917 Maxwell


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I had posted a few posts about this before.

As you recall, I had come to a stop on 31 January, and didn't know why. I suspected points and/or the condenser.

Well, everything looks good. Today was the first nice day in awhile, so I went over things and discovered what the problem was. The wire going from the distributor cap to the magneto had completely sheared off at the hook-shaped piece attached to the magneto. Does anyone know if I can obtain one of these new or NOS, or, if not, is it recommended that I try and solder this to the metal hook-shaped piece?

I know this was the problem, as when I was able to temporarily hold this in place, the Maxwell started right up. It vibrated lose after 10 minutes and the car stopped immediately.


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MRCVS, I'm confused, I thought you had an Atwater-Kent Distributor like my car and now you say magneto a completely different animal. I going to assume you just used the wrong word and tell you if you have an ignition system like the one here it's okay to either solder the lead or just get a new piece of wire and solder the terminal to it.

Howard Dennis



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Well, this was the only problem, so I never ordered, nor do I need (at least at this time) other parts.

I spliced in a wire and affixed this to the terminal (without solder) as I could not locate my soldering iron. She runs like a top!

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