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Must be a brain sickness.....just say no

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I must be getting sick at the end of winter.....was actually thinking about whether another TC would be a good daily driver again :eek:. Maybe it's just the DMV paperwork for the upcoming registration on the 91 Grand Marquis has given me the sickness! As a second car, a TC would be good and as a 3rd car I would jump on one again but as a daily driver in the Corona Crawl on the 91? Must not look, might just see the right one!

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Hey Ghostly. I am getting slapped with reality about the value of these. I will sell mine for $8000 if you would be interested.

Its a real nice 5 speed car that I have used daily in the summers.

I described it in an earlier post. It has been super dependable, albeit I have not started it for a few months now.

I might even deliver if you want to pay some fuel. I have a brother in Palm Springs. This may be an excuse to go visit him. I guess I could drive it down and fly home, or trailer it, it doesnt much matter.

Or you could fly to Portland and Drive it home. (I am about an hour from PDX)

I like to swap, I am thinking that I want a C-body convert or possibly a 300. Maybe an early Charger if it were a 4 speed.



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If I get another TC anytime soon it will be an automatic, I wouldn't risk having someone run into a 16 valve version in the stop and go traffic. When I'm not looking for one I see quite a few in SoCal in the 2-3000 range, not counting the really messed up ones that have been for sale for a couple of years for double what they are worth. One thing for certain is that I don't want a black interior to burn myself on like my first TC. Maybe White/Ginger/Tan would stay cooler inside than the triple black. I'm kinda hoping the Spring Fever subsides before I find one.

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I was about half over the spring TC fever but now it's on full force again. Just took the 91 Mercury in for the stupid CA smog check to renew the registration and it passed everything except the timing mark couldn't be seen. Big problem is that now the pre 76 spring fever is also on full force just so I can avoid those stupid smog checks every 2 years. Which fever wins the race....

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David I am north of you in Lompoc. I have a 91 in your price range.

I decided to put this post up as a public apology to Don after I had to bail out of a visit to look at his 91 last Monday at the last minute. Sorry Don.

Just so everyone knows, Don's TC fits right in with what I'm looking for but is too far away. My current car isn't to be trusted for that long a drive (nothing over 30 miles for that car) and the ride I thought I had arranged for last week ended up unavailable. Now my time frame of before May 8 makes the trip up to inspect, wait for car to be smog checked, and another trip up to pay for and pick up the car, just this side of not going to happen when I have to get both trips done on my Monday/Tuesday days off. :(

David in Riverside, CA

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