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c.1929-32 Large Roadster Body-Studebaker President ??

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This large roadster body was being going to be fitted to a V12 or V16 Cadillac chassis by the prior owner. It is believed, however, that it might be from a Studebaker President roadster or maybe Pierce Arrow, but we are not totally sure. It is in very sound condition with most of the metal work done and with some new structural wood installed (around the golf door framing, etc). It is mostly in primer. It includes the rumble seat lid and hardware, golf door and hardware, ONE door assembly, etc. The sheetmetal is nice and straight with no serious rust issues or damage. Please note: The Cadillac cowl is NOT included as seen in the photos. The body is located near Cleveland, Ohio and the price is 1,700.00. Please email or call for more photos, dimensions, etc. This is a great opportunity at owning an original Full Classic era roadster body that could be fitted to a variety of chassis applications. Email: motoringicons@hotmail.com or call 734-730-4274.

PS- If anyone has a more positive idea of what exactly it is from, we would love to hear from you!!! Thanks.









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Don't think it's Pierce, there's a wide beltline that should be behind the door, it's there on all Pierce bodied roadsters and phaetons 29-32 (except possibly custom bodied cars).....note raised moulding in black on attached picture, which is typical....and I don't see it on the body in question you have for sale...


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