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Peter Gariepy

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The licens plate maybe tell what year it was registred,but the model in that case is 1926 ,becuse that was the first year with that belt line pattern and licens plate below the head light.In 1924-1925 they had the licens plate in the middle of the head lights and a different belt line.

Leif in Sweden.

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I believe this is a 1926 model 47. As noted above 1926 was the first year for the body double belt lines and the lower front license plate bar. In 1927 the visor was changed to mount on the front of the windshield post rather than wrap around it. Also 1927 Buicks had black rims and blackwall tires instead of cadmium plated rims and white wall tires as in 1926.

Attached is a picture of my 1926 model 47.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would e-mail me the picture you posted to add to my collection. E-mail to bobatkinson@roadrunner.com


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