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Evapo-Rust Part II Experiment

Guest brian j

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Guest brian j

Hi. I was so inspired by Machinist Bill's Evapo Rust experiment, i decided to try some my self. I had an original NOS Mopar king pin set from circa 1934 for a Chrysler Airflow, that had over the years been exposed to moisture. I'm posting the before and after pics. I immersed the parts in Evapo-Rust overnight. I then rinsed them in the kitchen sink, rubbing them with #0000 steel wool to rub the black residue off. I then dried them off, and the "after" pics show you the results. The end plugs are galvanized, and the galvanizing was not affected. The thousandth of an inch shims however came out like swiss cheese once the oxide(rust) left them. They apparently had rusted through. I'm sold on this product, and will do more items in the future.




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