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When I bought the '90 Convertible the AC system was not functional and the AC dash light was/is on. From past experience with Envirosafe-12 I am going to start an almost total replacement of the AC system in my 1990 Convertible. Ive been amassing the parts all winter. Compressor, Condensor, O-rings, Accumulator, Dryer and other parts. Im currently looking for a source of Barrier Hoses as the molecular properties of the Butane/Propane mix makes hose bleed a problem with regular hoses and the E-12 refridgerant blend.:eek: Is there anyplace that would have Reatta Barrier Style Hoses? My significant other has been diagnosed with late life MS and will absolutely need AC this Summer so I want to get a jump on the warmer weather. The '90s system is currently the original R-12 refridgerant and everything except the evaporator will be tossed. Im keeping the '90 Coupe original with its R-12 system for now. Suggestions and Opinions needed. Thanks.

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