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1963-65 Riviera Factory Exhaust System Parts


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I have some never-used, vintage FACTORY exhaust parts available for 1963-65 Riviera.

Left intermediate exhaust pipe (one per car used). A vintage pipe (either NOS Buick or a Walker) that was never used. This pipe goes between the driver's side stock resonator outlet and the transverse muffler inlet. It has a number of crazy bends and crimps, and the correct flanges at both ends. (NOTE: A left and right pipe are pictured below, but I only have the left remaining.) The price is just $45.

Pair-Factory stock resonators (two used per car). These mount on the ends of the left and right front exhaust pipes, and are positioned just before the left and right intermediate pipes advertised above. In original boxes, and with correct ball and flange outlet. New quality, vintage resonators from years ago. I believe they are the Walker brand, but haven't looked at them recently. $90 for the pair.

Shipping is additional. Thanks for looking! John



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