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Logging onto the D.B club

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Is anyone else here having problems logging onto the Dodge brothers club forum. I have had nothing but problems. I have cleared the cookies and it does no good.

Contact Rick and am told it is at my end which does not help, I have zero problems with logging onto this site, I dont even have to log on when I click this site from my browser history I am automatically logged on, that works for this site, e-bay and 2-3 other sites that I have been visiting for years.


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Might help someone in the future to know that there is a good possability that the problem with my logging on had to do with the dead battery in my comp. It has been dead for weeks but I didnt care. Times was set at 12 every time I turned it on and I suppose the year may have been 2001 maybe, I just changed the battery for the hell of it and and no problems logging on, hopefully that is the end of the problem.

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