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Best r134 conversion kit?


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Hi my 90 vert still runs r12 and works ok but could be better.

As many of you have done the. Conversion what is the best kit out there?

I want complete with o rings Esther oil, springs, fittings etc.

I had really good luck with Napa kit on a mustang I did.

I know the procedure.

Some use whatever Walmart has.

What do you guys recommend?

Part number vendor and price would be great too.

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The experts agree that the most critical procedure is to remove the old oil. This is difficult to do when you keep the original compressor and accumulator/dryer.

So unless you are replacing those, it is best to find someone that will check all connections and refill with 12........... until you need a compressor.

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Both of the mechanics I use (one I have used for my 944 since it left warranty 23 years ago, the other I use for GM iron) have told me the same thing: Unless you are opening the system anyway, and replacing something like the compressor, stay with R-12. Both of them say they have no problem obtaining it - even here in California.

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What I did on Mustang is I bought new accumulator/dryer.

Pulled compressor off and poured in ac flushing fluid and manually spun the compressor to clean out oil.

I hanged every o ring and spring.

I put It all back together and brought it to a shop that checked for leaks. No leaks and they purged and filled.

I was going to do this on Buick once I have it checked to see if the r12 top off is a better option.

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Guest Richard D

With prices going up on 134a they are getting close to NOS R-12. A few years back my original compressor finally went away, so I installed a new Sanden type with a new accumulator and O-tube, flushed the system and used ester oil in case I ever had to go to 134a. I evacuated the system and let it sit for about 6 hours to make sure no leaks, installed three 14 ounce cans of DuPont R12 and system has been fine, even here in Miami where it runs 99.5% of the time. I did not like the 134a's higher working pressures and everyone said that I should replace my perfect condensor for one designed for 134a, smaller passages I think. Plus there is talk of replacing 134a with something else in the next few years. Advance auto 134a, $12.99. Ebay Dupont R-12 6 cans $80.00. Just my 2 cents.

AND I am back! Was in hospital for about a month, all is better. Not perfect yet.


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Sam's this week has a case of R134a for $65.40 or 5.45 a 12 oz can, about the lowest I've seen for two years. Prolly go up again once the season starts but about 1/2 to 1/3 the price of R12. Still seems to be a lot of R12 around though.

Have enough for a couple of years, by then things will be different anyway.

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While R-134a has been increasing in price, 12 is coming down (gradually). I think this is due to so much of the installed based of r-12 refrigeration equipment having now been retro-fitted or replaced outright since the cessation of new manufacture of r-12 some years ago. R-22 is now the one that will be getting outrageous. Very large installed equipment base using this still, so the demand is still high, much more so than r-12.

From what I am seeing, the price of a 30 lb. pig of R-12 peaked about 3 years ago and is now on the downhill side of the peak. Many guys who stockpiled R-12 years ago in advance of its phaseout have done well, selling at more recent market price when they purchased it dirt cheap back in the mid-late 80's. A former neighbor of mine had several 30 lb. pigs in his garage attic of both 12 and 22. After he passed away and I was asked to help clean out his garage, I ended up with a few of each. Have kept most of the r-22 (use to charge the home A/C) and sold all but one of the r-12 when prices were outrageous ($700+ per pig a few years back now).

Still have one 95% full R-12 30 pounder, and am debating whether to keep it as I may still end up with another older car that might need it. My 88 was converted to 134a before I bought it, and I did the 1991 last year since the compressor died. Saw no sense in putting 12 back in an almost all new system.

Seems the biggest issue with 134a is greater chance of leaks in system that was originally intended for 12. I have no complaints about the cooling ability of the 134a, as long as it was done right; proper amount of charge is critial.


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