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I just pulled my distributor from my 38 special coupe. First one of the hold-down clips is rusted off and gone, no biggy but the rotor flops all over the hardened shaft,and I did have a new one and it fit loosely on the shaft also, not as bad but did rock back and forth, not laterally like the old one, but figured after some usage it probably would. Never had a rotor fit so sloppily. The new one I had just received from CARS. The distrib. is a delco remy mod. 1110801, looks like it came with car. Those shafts wear? Otherwise seems fine, thought maybe just send it off for rebuild? I noticed CARS offers this service, or is it easy enough and all parts readily available for a do-it-yourself. Also on a simpler note I thought I would try Don at DandD to recast my steering wheel.

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Guest Grant Magrath

Dear old dad glued his rotor in place on the 38!



PS It's not moved in about 7 years or so.

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