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Since PICKIN' has been a topic of late and it would not be of proper etiquette (nor advisable) to Hi Jack Lamar's thread. Wondered if anyone has some recommendations for pickin' our way to Charlotte?

We will depart Jewell(our fair City) to Central Missouri in a attempt to find history on my Great Great Grand Parents. Then over to the Muddy Mississippi and a chance to sing;

Then on to of course Graceland :cool:;

Intro Elvis - YouTube

then on through Kentucky/Tennessee for some more genealogy dating to 1800 and then to the new American Pickers place in Nashville.

Anyway, if anyone knows of some good pickin' places please let us know.

P.S. I realize this may be like sharin' that favorite fishin' hole

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Although it sounds like you will be going further south going east, you might consider Kentucky coming back.

My mom and I did a Kentucky tour in early Nov 2010. 2 sights I highly recommend are The Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill. This is a destination location which includes a hotel (you stay in one of the restored Shaker buildings) and a great restaurant.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill | Kentucky Hotels Lodging & Inn At Shaker Village | Pleasant Hill KY

This is located about 40 miles southeast of Lexington KY and most driving is scenic.

In the capital of Frankfort KY on the Kentucky River we visited Buffalo Trace Distillery. The land is very scenic, the tour was awesome and it's right off of the interstate.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon - The Distillery

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