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Engine swap 2002 Park Ave 3.8 Series II

Reatta Man

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OK, I may possibly be looking at swapping engines on my 2002 Park Avenue with a Series II 3.8 engine.

Has anyone done one lately? If so, did you take the motor out of the top, or drop the cradle from the bottom? Also, any lessons learned you would like to share?


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Most people will say take it out the bottom but it will come out the top if you take front motor off the body. Be careful will small changes from year to year with SeriesII. I got caught putting 95 engine in 97 when had to pull it back out because flywheel to torque converter bolt circle changed. Only other differences were exh manifold and knock sensor connectors. Only bad bolt is trans to engine under the exh manifold. You can get it with a long extension from far wheel well but still not easy.

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