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Hello Everyone,

I'm a newbie posting on this board. I've looked at the forum before but decided to join. I have a few questions for you guys.

My dad has a 91 TC V6. There are somethings that I'd like to help him out in making it run better. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, not much I won't attempt.

Here are somethings I'd like to get some help with:

1) This car has an infinity radio, the joy stick that allows you to choose which speakers to use apparently doesn't work anymore, what can I do about that?

2) This is hard to explain but let me try; when you have your foot in it, it drives fine, but when you have your foot barely in it, kinda at like say 10%, it'll buck, maybe like it drops a cylinder, and jerk the car (slightly), I've changed the MAP sensor and replaced quite a few broken vacuum lines.

3) The air-filter box has 2 hoses, one goes to the valve cover, the other I don't know where it goes? Can anyone help me out with that?

4) The car leaks oil a little bit, are there any common places to look? Front Seal? Valve Covers? Timing Covers?

Thanks guys!

Nick Carter

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Thanks for the replies guys.

Regarding cleaning the TB, do I need to remove it, or just clean it with spray? Are there any ports that typically get plugged?

Regarding the radio, I've seen some of them for around 100$. I was just thinking I can't be the only one who's had this problem before and there might be a connection short in the radio somewhere I could solder back together.



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Crackling noises from the radio are very common, and it's either the joystick itself (which is pretty impossible to fix) or the power amps in the speakers themselves - yes there are tiny little PC boards that are part of the speakers and the solder joints and/or capacitors go bad.

Here are some resources - amp issues: Chrysler Infinity speakers and speaker repair

Head unit info: Chrysler Infinity I Cassette Stereo: Takeapart / Repair Guide


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I think the only item left is the second line from the air filter box, the second line is simply a vent or in take for the PVC valve. Originally it had a "L" shaped short hose but it seems that thit is missing.

As far as leaks are concerned, one source of leaks is the "puck" seals on the heads and valve covers. The dry out over time and start to leak. They are on the drivers side of each bank.

Generally they are fairly nice cars, enjoy!

Good luck.

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