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1965 wildcat

Guest Robert Ricci

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Guest Robert Ricci

Could some one explain the differences in a 1965 Wildcat 2dr hartop between: base, custom and deluxe models? thanks

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The difference was in the interior.

The base '65 Wildcat (series 6200) shared its interior with the standard-level LeSabre cars.

Here's an interior door panel from the standard Wildcat:


The Wildcat Deluxe (series 6400) shared its interior with the LeSabre Custom. This style was offered as a standard bench seat, but bucket seats were available in the 2-door hardtop and convertible. Here is an interior door trim and seat photo from a Wildcat Deluxe 4-door, and the 2-door hardtop interior looks virtually the same. The seats were available in full vinyl or a cloth/vinyl combination.



The Wildcat Custom (series 6600) interior was unique to the Wildcat series. The interior was availabe with bucket seats, shown here with the optional operating console:


Here's a Wildcat Custom with the standard notchback bench seat, which had a folding center armrest in the front seat.


Another look at the Wildcat Custom bench seat. My '65 Wildcat was equipped with this seat, and I found it to be supremely comfortable.


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