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248 v 320 Manifold dimensions


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I have just found a set of original twin carb manifolds from a 1941 Buick, I have a couple of questions and need some assistance.

The guy who has the manifolds for sale originally advertised as being for a 1937/41 Buick, and small print said big Buick so 320 cu in, however he now reckons it is fact for a small buick, as that is what I will shortly have :)

I have just bought a 1940 Buick 46 Coupe - 248, but will not collect for a couple of weeks or so, and therefore cannot measure the overall length between the outer studs.

Here are the dimensions I have for the manifolds

“Overall length is 31 half and inside stud face is 15 half end to end and there total 13 bolts which is for smaller straight 8 motor”

Is that eleven studs and two locating pegs ?

I attached a pic , and would very grateful if someone could kindly let me know which engine the manifolds belong to, or the relative manifold dimensions for the 248 and 320 cu in engines





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Overall length of 31.5 inches is what my 248 ci manifold is

From center of no 1 exhaust to center of no 8 exhaust is 28.25"


The 320 has a head length of 34 1⁄2" while the smaller engines are 31 1⁄4" long.


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