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Hello AACA Editors. I will be the VP of Publications for 2012. I will be reviewing all AACA newsletters this year. My mailman does not have a clue, as to what is in store for him.:P

I've had a couple of e-mail questions already, concerning the division committee scorers for newsletters for 2012. As most of you know, you need to make sure your region/chapter mails in the Officer Reporting Form (OPF) to Hershey Headquarters.

As we see who the 2012 editors are from the ORF, letters will go out to those editors with an enclosed registration form. These letters should start being mailed out within the next week or so. Correction! Most have been mailed out!

After the registration forms are mailed to Hershey and to the VP of Publications, a follow up letter will be mailed out to you with your division's scorers mailing addresses.

Please make sure your region/chapter circulation committee person corrects the scoring committee member's addresses, as we have some new people on the committee this year. You can send us your Jan-Feb issues if you like, but it is not necessary, since we will get serious after the first of April.

The Publications Committee is looking forward to scoring your 2012 newsletters this year. Good Luck!:)

Wayne Burgess


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An update!

I just received my first 2 registration forms today, one from John Sayler of Gettysburg Region, and the other from Mike Horning of the Ontelaunee Region!

Looking forward to seeing the rest, guys. I've found some big new filing cabinets to store all of these in.:P

Good luck!


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Guest prewar40

Wow! We haven't even received our forms yet - maybe in today's mail!

Of course, those two are in National's back yard, takes a little longer

for the mail to get out here to MN!


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Well folks, April is right around the corner, and the publications team is about ready to start scoring those newsletters.

If anyone does not receive a Mailing List letter with the addresses of your scoring team within the next week, please let me know. Maybe we did not receive your registration letter. I will still leave the door open a bit for last minute e-mails to me at:


Take care,


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I did a little scoring today, and I e-mailed one region editor to alert him of an advisory. It wasn't a big scoring problem, but something important just as well.

Please make sure you have contact information for some of your officers, certainly the president and the editor. Phone numbers, with area codes, and an e-mail address is especially handy when other regions/chapters may want to contact your region or chapter. The AACA and our Development and Support committees are stressing that regions and chapters reach out to each other as a way to strengthen your activities and support our hobby.


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