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Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster with center lock Rudge wheels. I'd be happy to find even this much of a 300SL.

I was going to guess that, but I didn't think the sides were low enough.

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Photographs are of a 300 SL Coupe space frame. The 300 SL Roadster has a lower and wider cross section in the area between the front and rear where the doors are fitted. The Coupe (Gullwing) did not have any form of framework extending above what you see in these pictures - the only support for the roof was from the body shell itself. The frame, without any ancillary gear, is reported to weigh in at approximately 187 pounds, and derived its great strength from the design where all of its members were bearing loads only in tension or compression and without any rotational moments.

From other information, I believe this to be the frame of an alloy body Coupe (1 of 29 built) that was recovered from long term storage in a California garage and is now undergoing a full restoration. Most of the 1400 Coupes built between 1954-1957 had steel bodies utilizing aluminum hoods, doors, trunk lids and rocker panels. The full alloy cars were of a very limited production, had numerous mechanical changes in engine and suspension from the "regular" Gullwing (if there is such an item), and are highly prized items.

I have attached some photographs of the car before the body shell was removed from the space frame.



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