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Check with Steering & Suspension, All American Cars, Import Cars, Off Road and Trucks | RareParts.com If they don't have them then they will make them and add them to their catalog. Their on line ordering shows parts that look more like PC or PD than PA or PB when I lookup 1931 and 1932 so they might not have the correct parts now but if you order from them and give them an original to use as a pattern they will have it in the future.

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thanks so much for the post,,,,,,,,,I am convinced that if I look long enough,,I will find an original ------I was looking for a spring bolt for 2 months and I think I found it my experiance is that most of these big suppliers start with 6 cylinder cars in mopar also I doint want to send the original to any one ,,,doint trust them and then there is the expense of having something like this made and the chance that it will not be just right when it's done and paid for -------but thanks again for your interest--------------BR

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