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Guest Lt Morty

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Guest Lt Morty


I know this might be a long shot. But after having restored and driven old US WWII military vehicles for many years I've learnt that some people have the most unbelievable things in their garages...

I'm considering to buy either a 1941 or 1942 Buick four door touring sedan that I'm looking at.

The thing is that both cars have original interior, but with some holes here and there...

I would like to keep the interior as original as possible. Some parts of the interior looks to have a nice patina.

Does somebody have an idea of if it's possible to get hold of original interior parts to replace the ones with large holes?

And from where?

Yes, I'm looking for used old parts that are not so worn out. Maybe someone changed their interior, but kept the best parts?

For instance:

Rear armrests L+R for the 1941

drivers door side panel for 1941 and 1942

front quarter/ inner kick panels L + R for a 1941 or 1942

front seat backrest for 1941

front seats for 1942

And while I'm at it:

Does somebody know where to get hold of nice / period looking seat covers?

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Hi Lt Morty, it is possible but certainly is a bit of a longshot. This is the type of thing where your only hope is to meet the right person with that original car or pieces, maybe a street rod guy and/or a member of a Buick club. This forum is a good start but you will probably have to go deeper into the Buick world to get the word out, maybe by joining the Buick club and taking out a want ad in the magazine. And be very patient. Good luck, Todd C

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