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1933 Chrysler rumble seat cushions....


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Does anyone know if the seat spring/cushion pieces of a 1933 DeSoto coupe will fit a Plymouth, Dodge or Chrysler? I have possible access to a set that came out of a car for the conversion to a "trunk" car. The set is completely rust-free and the upholstery is not too bad. I will try to get photos.

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I have a 1936 Dodge RS cp and need the bottom rs cushion for mine. I have been trying to find out what years will interchange but so far, no response from anyone. If you happen to find out which years will change out, PLEASE let me know. I have had responses that the RS would be an easy thing to build, but I would sure like to find an "original" cushion. I wish you the best on your project.

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Here are the seats...o.k.....there's some surface rust on the bottom springs. Upholstery needs cleaning and sewing or replacing. I also have the two metal and wooden support pieces....







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Guest monc440


The only parts I have for my rumble seat is the lid. Missing everything else. At one time someone wanted it to work like a trunk so they pulled out all the seat stuff, brazed the lid to the lower deck, cut the lower deck loose, then used some external mounted gate hinges at the top. So yes it is a mess but the sheet metal is there so I will make it work.


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