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New owner 1963 riviera ?'s

Guest PunkRivi63

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Guest PunkRivi63

So I picked up a 1963 Buick Riviera last week.The car is totally completed with even extras 2ac compressors, P/s pumps, ect all the interior is there though the drivers seat looks like a cat lived in it, no rust engine all there though looks like it was swapped in for some reason (motor mounts not bolted in, trans not hooked up)

I was going to get the parts to fire this baby up in the next week or 2 but I have a few questions first. I hear putting MMO in the spark plug holes is the best method. The engine cranks by hand with WD_40 in the spark plug holes but that is as far as ive gotten. what is the proper method for getting this engine into shape to fire up. (401)

The radiator is rusted out and the water pump is stuck. Should I buy a new radiator or have mine recored?

Lastly the carb is there but all gummed up. Should I rebuild it or just buy a Holly street avenger or something along those lines.


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All good questions.

You first need to decide if you plan to keep the car stock or not. It is your car, do what you want to it. The ROA is as supportive of customs as it is of originals.

Then answering some of your questions.

WD40 is not a lubricant for the rings.

I recommend the original carb on this engine. You will have a hard time getting the transmission kick-down linkage hooked up to another carb.

Have a radiator shop recore your radiator. I recommend a 4-row core. You do not want it overheating with A/C on in the summer. Add a discrete overflow bottle.

The waterpump bolts will be stuck and corroded. Be prepared or several to break off. When they do, you will have to remove the timing cover to get the remains of the bolts out of the engine.

Take it slow and it will work out well.

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Guest PunkRivi63

More than likely the car will remain mostly stock with a few subtle changes.

The wd40 was advice from my shops old guys who have restored cars. Though i will be putting MMO and a bit of oil in the cylinders.

I forgot to mention the water pump is seized also.

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