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'54 Buick Restoration

Guest Titian54Special

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Guest Titian54Special

I'm restoring my '54 Buick Special -- looking for answers to a few questions:

1) On two-tone, would the drip rail be the same color as the roof? Looks like under the drip rail would be the appropriate break for the two paint colors.

2) What color do I paint the underside of the hood?

3) Originally, was there some type of "hood insulation mat" ? There are a couple of rods on the underside of the hood that appear to have held insulation in place.

4) Does anyone have a cross-reference for the "French White" paint for the wheel pinstriping?

Thanks for any information.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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You might want to go to the 54 highway for your answers. My 54 has been repainted, so I'm reluctant to answer most of your questions. The underside of my hood does have an insulating mat installed, which I assume from condition is original. Good luck.



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