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Award/sequence question

Guest B Rose

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I received the Junior award for my 69 El Camino, at the Stowe, Vt show last year. I was unable to attend Hershey to get my Senior award, because I had a serious neck injury, which required surgery. I did however receive the National award, which I got at the awards dinner in Philly. I wanted to go to the Grand National show in Tenn this summer, but I read that you can't get the Senior award, and the Grand National award in the same year.

Question: Isn't the National Award "bigger" than the senior award, and thus qualify me for the Grand National show?...........or am I way off base here.

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Not really "bigger" than, more like "different than"... probably best can be explained as two separate areas of competition.

Sorry but you have to receive the Senior award in the year prior to attending the Grand National. So you need to go to another meet to compete for Senior and then you can compete in the Grand National Meet the following year.

Which National Award did your car receive?

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