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How a differential works...good stuff!

Steve Moskowitz

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They did not mention that lowering the gear also gave better contact. The pinion gear could be made wider and grab the ring gear teeth with more surface area.

I'm not so sure the guys on the motor cycles are wraped all that tight. What would happen if one stalled, or a chain broke and wound around a sprocket when there is three guys balanced on it. :eek: Dandy Dave.

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That has been on Archive.org for years now: Around the Corner : Handy (Jam) Organization : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive with the advantage that you can easily download it for your own use.

I guess YouTube has a wider audience, but I just don't get why people download something from Archive.org then upload it to YouTube without giving credit to where they found it.

There are hours worth of Jam Handy produced films for Chevrolet and GM that you might want to view at archive.org most are in the "Prelinger Collection" and the search feature is reasonably good.

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