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Saw something(s) different today...


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Went with a guy today who wanted to show me "a car". Turns out to be a lot of cars....and good ones! 1928 Gardner roadster, 1941 Chrysler town sedan, 1951 Nash Healey roadster, 1954 Singer roadster, 1933 DeSoto rumble seat coupe, 1933 Dodge Brothers convertible coupe, 1937 Dodge Brothers convertible sedan and a host of others...enjoy.











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Saw these other cars from the air every time I flew out of the Medford airport and could never figure out where they were. I would fly over these and they seemed to be in a maze of heavy equipment. The place was very hard to find from the ground, but my buddy said he had a few other cars to show me today and there they were! I recognized them as the elusive cars....enjoy.











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Guest prewar40

Thanks for posting the pictures! I maintain the Gardner Registry and that car was unknown, I'd like to contact the owner and add him to the list.

He can register himself at Gardner Motor Cars

I'll send a PM - THANKS for the lead

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hello john,what a find i think you love teasing us just to see how high are blood pressure will go,big fan of 30s convertibles both coupes and sedans,what great projects,hope theyll get to someone who will restore and appreciate them,keep them coming while i wipe the droll off my keyboard, dave

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Wonder what year than can of whoop (hemi) came from? Thanks Keiser!

1955 DeSoto 290 HEMI, I believe. Yes, of course I love teasing you guys and gals. It also teases me since I cannot afford any of my "finds". For some reason (perhaps I was "snow blind") I missed taking direct shots of the Gardner and I COMPLETELY missed photographing the all original, never been outside other than to transport, 1933 Pierce Arrow Victoria. D'oh!!!!!!!!!! The silver Imperial with the "stuff" on the roof is a rare 1965 convertible.

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I'd be happy with that little Stude wagon

Interestingly, I have had more comments on that car than the rest! That's the only one that does not belong to my buddy who owns the rest.

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