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1936 Dodge locking glove box


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I have been in contact with a fellow '36 owner that needed some help identifying the parts for a glove box lock. I have created a photo album on my home page that has several pictures of the original lock, taken apart, for anyone else that might need a bit of help. I also have an album for the original clock for the '36 Dodge on my home page. Hope this info will be of assistance to other owners out there. If I can be of any other help, drop me a note.


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Bob - Thanks for the help. :) It sure clears up some questions I had about the pieces I have- and poses a couple more. There is a flanged washer and a flat washer that came with my lock. The flanged unit fits loosely over the extension and could have something to do with the rubber sleeve. The flange fits over the extension and perhaps the sleeve slides over the flange? Or maybe it has nothing at all to do with the lock and was put on for who knows what purpose? Strangely, the locking tab I have has been bent down at 45 degrees and again I wonder why. It stops the locating dimple from engaging the notch in the extension. It is thick enough that it would have to be done in a vise. :confused:

The locking strip that came with it looks home made. It is a piece of 5/8" x1/8" flat bar stock 8 5/8" long, slightly rounded on the ends with two 7/32" holes 8 1/16" apart o/c to take screws to fasten it to the top of the glove box. It has slight 1/16" notches 5/8" long ground out of the edge of the bar at the ends on one side to allow fitting. Has anyone ever seen the actual lock striker plate for this unit?

Again, thanks for all the beautifully detailed pictures.


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