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I recently purchased "Dodge Bros and Graham Bros Trucks through 1938". Lots of good imformation. It is available thru the Dodge Bros Club at www.dodgebrothersclub.org

I have a 28 Dodge Bros "E" series that carries the "S114xxx" frame code, and the H-79xxx DA engine. This is a Stockton truck.

Hope to see more information on the 28 thru 30 trucks.

The magzine was edited by John Bittence.

Thanks for great Magazine.

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I believe all of that information was a comiplation of past articles already written and published in the D.B newsletter, at least that what Cindy Myers explained to me.

The 4 C.D set that is avaialable thru the club would be the better choice of purchase maybe since it covers much much more.

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Guest Backyardmechanic

Have you seen the printed bookets Jason????????

The way I look at it the bookets that has been printed up would be best as one could pull the booket say carbuators take it to the garage for reference while one is pulling it apart or reassembling it.The CDs as I understand is base on the same information with the exp. of the one JB done on the Victroy 6. I wouln't be supprise see the Victrory 6 CD in print form too.


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The Victory six is available in print form, all you have to do is buy the C.D and print it out like I did.

Same with any article that is available on the D.B club past issues C.D including the trucks series which by the way were reprinted articles from past mags such as Automobile quarterly ect which are also by the way still available in their original form thru e-bay.

Whatever is best for you Vern, thats the way you should go.

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Guest ffoeg

:)I read with interest all problems and advice on this forum, but am wondering why you Jason always seem to be negitive to other peoples advice, hope this does not offend but we are only here to share our knowledge not enforce it

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FFoeg, I have to be honest with you in that I had originally made a post here in reply to your post and suggested that I did not care so much how you interpreted my post above, truth be told I do care so I will try and explain what evidently you have missed.

My intention was not to suggest that the book mentioned was not worth buying, frankly I am still lost on how you mis-interpreted my post but I can only assume that you are suggesting that this in fact was what I was implying.

My intention in response to the original post was to suggest that it would be ( in my opinion ) a much better deal to purchase the complete C.D set that was available thru the club store as it does contain the articles re-printed once again that the initial post was started over.

One would not only get the those articles but many years worth of good articles.

Not clear as mentioned how this could be seen as negative but once again it just goes to show that anything posative can always be made into a negative if enough effort is put forth.

I am done now with this topic, thank-you

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