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F/S: 1952-53 GMC Starter Solenoid


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I have a used, Delco-Remy starter solenoid available. This solenoid fits the following vehicles:

-1951-52 Buick, all series and 1953 Buick, 40 series

-1950-52 Cadillac

-1949-54 Pontiac

-1952-53 GMC truck

-1953-55 IHC truck

The original part number stamped on the solenoid base is 1118148. As noted, this is a used solenoid, and will need cleaning and painting.

The price is $45, plus shipping. I'm not set up for PayPal, but I welcome your personal check or a money order. Thanks for looking. John




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Are you that hungry for a sale, Craig.? Posting on MY ad that you had a part this person responding to MY ad could buy from you instead....very classy. From the timing of your post, I see you somehow felt it was just fine not to even give me the opportunity to reply to this person that I still had the part, or didn't.


Next time you want to try to steal a hobby seller's customer, it might look better if you used the private message system here on the forum to make that approach. Or, perhaps you could spend the time and do the work needed to take some photos and write the copy to actually post YOUR OWN AD. John


And, now to reply to Lynn 292: Hello, Lynn. I will check my shelves to see if this starter solenoid I advertised is still available. It's possible l still have it. I'll let you know shortly. And, thanks for your reply to my ad. John

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