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Are there any members on here in or near Riverside CA?


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I found a car in Riverside CA and was wondering if there were any members nearby that could take some photos and give me a better idea of condition? I have seen a somewhat small photo and got a description from the owner but he said he wasn't a car guy and would prefer if somone else looked at it for me and gave me a better description. I would be happy to compensate someone for their time and expenses if they were interested in helping me out.

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I'll gladly pay any member $100 who lives in or right near Riverside to take about 40 Digital photos and email them to me. If you need to travel any distance I'll reimburse you for that as well if anyone can help out.

Let's see....that's about 750 miles from me. Can I charge per mile? Seriously.....I would do it for free for you if I was near the car.

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Hi Auburnseeker,

I can help you with pictures of the car you are interested in. No charge. I live in nearby Orange County and the drive isn't very far. Since I am retired, I can go anytime, but I prefer weekends to avoid traffic on the 91 Freeway.

Send me an AACA private e-mail if you still need pictures.


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