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Thinning down 40 year collection...

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After nearly 40 years of collecting we have decided to thin down some of our vehicles. the following is a partial listing . No attempt to sell these vehicles has been made and most have been off the market for decades. Contact via email for more information on any of the vehicles. email davbergltd@aol.com

1904 Olds Curved Dash 1st jr, senior, 1st Grand Nat'l, Chocolate Town Trophy

1907 Holsman High Wheeler 1st jr, sr, 1st Grand Nat'l, Huges High Wheel winner

1912 Wall Motor Wheel (Prototype of Smith Flyer) on a slightly later bicycle

1975 British Reliant Minicar runs nice

1956 Messerschmitt Kabinroller Bubbletop 1st jr, sr, 1st Grand Nat'l

1956 Mochet Convt (French minicar) very scarce

1963 Cushman Silver Eagle w/rare sidecar 1st jr, senior

1950 Whizzer motorbike Factory model 1st jr, senior, 2nd Grand Nat'l

1964 Divco Milk Truck (restored and has brand new correct Ford 6cyl motor)

1947 Packard Taxi (restoration virtually complete) looks and runs great

1916 Smith Flyer Buck board & 1919 circa Auto Red Bug as a pair. Both Nat'l 1st and the Smith is Grand Nat'l 1st. Smith is also the very last Altman restoration.

1925 Cadillac 7P Suburban (supposedly 2 known) CCCA Nat'l 1st.

1931 Ford AA Mail Truck. Authentic Mail Truck with history. Fabulous restoration. Nat'l 1st junior only time shown.

1952 Bentley Mk VI Convertible. New Top and reasonably new paint. Runs great. Fabulous car.

1958 BMW Isetta 300 Sunroof. 20k milles. Runs well.

Possibly a few others. We are uncertain at this time. On the road a lot so it could take a day to answer your email. Thanks

dave berg

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