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One of a Kind 1948 Buick VERY RARE


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How do you classify this car? I saw it at Amelia Island in 2009. As I recall it has a straight 8 that is behind the driver (in the middle of the car).

It is not a factory custom.

It is not a Buick frame and engine with a custom body.

It was not built in 1948.

Where does it fit into the world of "custom" cars?

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My interpertation would be that is a custom, and perhaps would not even be considered under BCA rules as Modified Class, if not a Buick engine and chassis (I was not aware it did not have a Buick engine and chassis and not built in 1948, and wonder why then is it called a 1948 Buick Streamliner.)

I would not consider it as any of the "coach built' cars as seen in the late 20s through the early 40s. To me, it is a fine custom and both well designed, built and then restored. I for one, love it, despite what it is called.


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Guest Grant Magrath

I seem to recall an article on this car in NZ Classic Car. Or Classic Driver. Either way, the car was in bad shape before the restoration.



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Google brings up many links

From Norman E. Timbs Buick Streamliner

The car was based around a 1947 Buick “Super 8” engine which powered the 2200 lb car to 120 mph. The main chassis was built up from five-inch steel tubes which kicked up over the rear axle. To offer a smooth ride, a modified 1947 Ford suspension was utilized.

< snip >

The car was discovered in the desert pretty much intact in 2002. It was bought at auction and restored by Dave Crouse at Custom Auto, Inc. in Loveland, Colorado for owners Gary & Diane Cerveny of Malibu, California

And here, with images of the engine, in http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=456657

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