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1979 Riviera S Exhaust leak under turbo


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I recently purchased a 79 Riviera S-Type with a 3.8 turbo. There is a exhaust leak from the exhaust pipe that connects to the bottom of the turbocharger. I went to a muffler shop and they wouldn't touch it. It's extremely hard to reach from the bottom; you can barely see it, less get to it. Today I went to a Buick dealership and they don't want to work on exhaust issues. Any ideas on how I can proceed? Has anyone else had this problem? What will it take to get to this problem and fix it?


Mike :confused:

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Hi Mike,

Noticed you are in Chicago. Winter seems to be quickly subsiding so I will likely be reduced very soon to a 40 hour work week...:) I can fix anything on your Buick or steer you toward another capable tech. Give me a call, my contact info is in the Riview under tech advisors, or stop by the BOP swap meet this Sunday. I`ll have a booth there,

Tom mooney

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