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1957 Cadillac Chassis Design question


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This post is in the General Discussion folder but thought I would post it here too...

I wanted to start a new thread about the design history of Cadillac's 1957 style X frame as mentioned in another thread. This would be the tubular X without side rails initially used on the 1957 Cadillac only.

I am trying to first establish background about styling. I understand a 1954 (or so) Caddy was fitted with a prototype X for road testing but when the 1955 Brougham showcar came out, that it used a standard Cadillac chassis?

The Cadillac book I have stated that the design was reminiscent to the Mercedes 300 series frame of the 1950s but comparing it with a 1935 style Fiat 1500, there is no comparison. The Fiat is much more like, if almost identical, to the Cadillac frame. See below.. the blue one is the Cadillac.

Does anyone have any pictures of the developmental chassis or early pictures you would like to share for my book research? These below just don't quite fit the bill as far as quality.

Thanks!<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

Oh.. and for an additional interest, I have included a picture of a 1983 GAZ-14 limousine... One of those "borrowed" designs the Russians used for their own cars. That is the white frame.





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