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Guest Dr Rob

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With Rob being a first-time poster I assume he has not gotten the drill from the moderators on the "RULES" which are:

Buy/Sell Forums

IMPORTANT: Put either FS for "For Sale" or WTB for "Want to Buy" in the subject line along with the year, make and model.

EXAMPLE: FS - 1950 Plymouth Business Coupe

Please include the following information in the body of your post:






Location (City, State, Country)

Contact Information (Name, Email and Phone)

EBAY URL if also listed on EBAY

Incomplete, overly commercial, or non-automotive related postings will be deleted without notice!

He does have one picture of the car though - click on the number next to the "Images" tag beneath his name and you can see the car - Adding more pictures and the price will cut down on the tire-kickers.

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Thanks for your advice Bill. As you noticed, I'm a first time user & hope I won't be kicked out. This is the very first format I've used to announce my intentions to sell it. I,ve done all the maintenance on it myself since it was restored. Its been used mostly for parades and antique car meets around Oxford Maine. My name is Rob (Dr. Rob) McCarthy 207-890-4954. Fairly soon, after the snow melts a little more, I'll be taking it out of storage. I had advice to use a nation-wide auction to sell it. What do you think? I'm listed in the Reo Club of America & will be announcing the sale in their format also. From what I see in their listing, there are only 2 other sedans restored from 1930. Mine is called a Model C Flying Cloud sedan (rear mounted spare tire). As far as I can tell, only the running boards are not original & I'm in the process of finding another gas cap. I didnt tighten it when I gassed it up for storage after the Parade & lost it. The engine # is 6219CWC!C The vehicle # is 5113B405

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