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Retainers for 1950 DeSoto Fender Mouldings

Guest Irv D

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For those who replied to my request to buy "cup-shaped" metal retainers for the front fender mouldings for 1950 DeSoto - here are a couple of photos which may help you to see what these retainers look like.

The photos are not of good quality (pretty fuzzy) - but they show the retainer and the screw which goes thru the hole in the retainer and threads into a corresponding projection on the fender moulding. There are five of these projections on each front fender moulding and five corresponding "cup-shaped" retainers which fit over the projections (on the inside of the wheel well) and the screws draw the moulding securely to the fender when they are tightened down fully.

I hope these photos and above description will help you - in helping me to find some of these retainers.

Thanks for your time and interest............Irv D



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